At Westgate Dermatology and Laser Center, P.A. we offer the complete line of Obagi® products, including the Obagi Nu-Derm System. Obagi Nu-Derm is designed for the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.

We also offer several products from NeoStrata®. These products are specifically designed to match your skin type. NeoStrata products can be selected for a variety of skin conditions, and these products can be tailored for patients with dry, oily or combination skin.


Neostrata products improve the visible signs of aging or sun-damaged skin and treat various dermatological conditions including acne, dry skin and hyperpigmentation. Uniquely formulated with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), polyhydroxy acids (PHAs), and Bionic PHAs, these products can also enhance the therapeutic treatments and skincare recommended by physicians.

glõminerals - Beauty with a Higher Purpose

glõminerals is a makeup system uniquely formulated for skincare professionals and their patients. These advanced formulations combine pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, triple-milled natural high pigment minerals and an advanced antioxidant complex. The result is a clinically advanced mineral makeup that provides broad-spectrum UV protection and helps deliver to the user a radiant, healthy complexion. glõminerals formulas are talc-free, non-comedogenic and are free of perfumes and chemical dyes. FLAWLESS SKIN IS EVERYONE'S DREAM... glõminerals MAKES IT A REALITY


JAN MARINI products can measurably improve the appearance of common skin conditions such as fine lines and wrinkles, acne, rosacea, skin discoloration, and overall skin rejuvenation.

Using the technology of Glycolic Acid and Stable Topical Vitamin C, Jan Marini products offer a soothing, fragrant and non- irritating experience that gives you noticeable results beginning the first day of use.

Jan Marini, president and CEO of Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc., is a respected national skin care authority who has dedicated more than three decades to researching and developing new and innovative skin care technologies that deliver real results.

Jan pioneered medically-validated skin care preparations and has formed associations with some of the world's leading physicians and research scientists.  Today her products are used worldwide to treat common skin conditions such as aging and sun-damaged skin, acne, and rosacea, and as complementary adjuncts to many popular medical procedures.

Jan's research led to technology breakthroughs that were years ahead of the commercial marketplace.  Well before the technology was available to the mass market, Jan Marini pioneered the use of Glycolic Acid to improve the skin's appearance and texture.  She was also the first to market a stable topical Vitamin C technology to promote healthier skin.


A new innovation in longer, more beautiful lashes.  Latisse solution is a FDA-approved prescription treatment for hypotrichosis.  Latisse is used to grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker, and darker.  Latisse is used on the upper eyelash rim only and may not be applied to the lower lashes.

Sterile, disposable applicators are included with every prescription of Latisse.  Simply put a drop on the applicator, glide it along the upper eyelid at the base of the lashes and blot any excess.

To find out if Latisse is the right eye lash lengthening treatment for you, please schedule a free consultation today!!

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